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On Abortion: An Important Question about the Future of Our Province

Jason Kenney is the most pro-life Premier since the 1970s. His recent efforts to get more resources to low-income women in crisis pregnancy represents the first piece of public policy which could significantly reduce the abortion rate in Alberta. That is unimaginable progress if, for example, Brian Jean had won the leadership of the United Conservative Party.

However, many people are deeply upset with Kenney for other reasons. Because of this, we understand if many of our supporters are simply not interested in supporting him. However, as the UCP prepares to have its leadership vote we strongly encourage you to think of the question:

“What comes next?”

Brian Jean, who referred to social conservatives as “crazies and nutbars”? Danielle Smith, who only months ago vehemently argued AGAINST conscience rights for health care providers on the floor of the UCP AGM?

Who else? There is simply nobody else waiting on the wings who has a significant chance of winning.

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