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Oilers Fan Starts Go Fund Me To Help Pay McDavid’s Elbow Fine against the Habs

Connor McDavid was fined the maximum amount of $5000 for elbowing Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the face while he was on center ice and about to pass the puck. This initially only earned him a minor penalty but upon further evaluation it was found that a higher punishment was needed as he chose to throw the elbow on purpose.

Standing in support of his “favorite player” is Augustus Best (this may or may not be an alias). He created a go fund me page for McDavid to help him pay off his debt.

The caption reads “Fundraising for Connor McDavid to help pay his fine set forth by the nhl and also send him to the same acting school as all the Montreal Canadiens attended.”

Surely by the time the season is over the $5,000 will simply be a memory and McDavid may just have to see if he can afford the other fines he is sure to rack up. We are sure that this fine will help him to rethink his actions on the ice especially after he discussed the game with Zach Laing who is the news director for the oilers. McDavid spoke of the incident and said, “I don’t think anything of it Just a normal night.”

One positive outcome for sure may be that everyone will start watching McDavid a little closer and finally see all the hits he takes during games and he'll finally see a little of his own justice.

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