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‘No More Jail Time’ Bill Debated Broaden Sentences for Sex Crimes Etc.

The Liberals have introduced Bill C-22 which will eliminate many mandatory minimum penalties and broaden conditional sentencing.

“Many Canadian voters would be alarmed to learn how the Liberals are eliminating mandatory prison time for those who prey on our communities and the vulnerable,” said Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen.

On conditional sentencing

I am appalled with Trudeau’s proposals conditional sentencing. The use of house arrest for offences like to broadesexual assault, kidnapping, and human trafficking is completely inappropriate. This means a trafficker could serve their sentence at home in the same neighborhood as the victim. This will put victims and communities at risk.”

On violent gun crimes

“Only two days after introducing measures that target law abiding firearms owners, the Liberals are eliminating mandatory prison time for criminals who commit robbery with a firearm, weapons trafficking, and drive-by shootings. They’re doing this because they feel these laws are unfair. Serious, violent offences that are committed with firearms deserve mandatory prison time.

On drug crimes

“Bill C-22 does little to help those struggling with addiction but rather eliminates mandatory prison time for drug traffickers and producers. I believe Canada’s drug laws should target individuals who prey on Canadians struggling with addictions.”

Backgrounder on Bill C-22

Elimination of mandatory prison time for firearms offences

C-22 eliminates a number of mandatory minimums relating to gun crimes:

  • Robbery with a firearm [344(1)(a.1)];

  • Extortion with a firearm [346(1.1)(a.1)];

  • Weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition) [99(3)];

  • Importing or exporting knowing it is unauthorized [103(2.1)];

  • Discharging firearm with intent [244(2)(b)];

  • Using firearm in commission of offences [85(3)(a) and (b)];

  • Possession of firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized [92(3)(b) and (c)];

  • Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition [95(2)(i) and (ii)];

  • Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence [96(2)(a)];

  • Possession for purpose of weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition)

  • [100(3)];

  • Discharging firearm — recklessness [244.2(3)(b)];

Elimination of mandatory prison time for drug dealers

Bill C-22 does nothing to help those who struggle with addictions with bill. The Liberals are eliminating six mandatory minimums in the Controlled Drugs and Substances

Act that target drug dealers:

  • Trafficking or possession for the purpose of trafficking. [5(3)(a)(i), 5(3)(a)(ii)];

  • Importing and exporting or possession for the purpose of exporting [6(3)(a), 6(3)(a.1)];

  • Production of a substance Schedule I or II (e.g. heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, crystal meth).

[7(2)(a), 7(2)(a.1)(i) and (ii)];

Expansion of conditional sentencing

The bill allows for greater use of conditional sentence orders, such as house arrest, for a number of offences where the offender faces a term of less than two years imprisonment. The offences now eligible include:

  • Prison breach (s.144);

  • Criminal harassment (s.264);

  • Sexual assault (s.271);

  • Kidnapping (s.279);

  • Trafficking in persons – material benefit (s.279.02);

  • Abduction of person under 14 (s.281);

  • Motor vehicle theft (s.331);

  • Theft over $5000 (par.334(a));

  • Breaking and entering a place other than a dwelling-house (par.348(1)(e));

  • Being unlawfully in a dwelling-house (s.349); and

  • Arson for fraudulent purpose (s.435).

  • Causing bodily harm by criminal negligence (s.221);

  • Assault causing bodily harm or with a weapon (s.267);

  • Assaulting peace officer causing bodily harm or with a weapon (s.270.01); and

  • Trafficking in or exporting/importing Schedule III drugs (e.g. psilocybin, mescaline, LSD)

(par.5(3)(b) and 6(3)(b) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act).

This will mean an individual who commits sexual assault could serve their sentence at home in the same neighborhood or community as the victim. This clearly puts communities at risk.

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