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"Never Give Up Your Guns:" Never Compromise!

Canada's National Firearms Association President Sheldon Clare issued the following statement on Facebook via video. An abridged version can be found below.

"There are rumors of a fall election in the air and the NFA has begun its work to target swing ridings to defeat Liberals. With our operational efforts and your work on the ground, we can stop the Trudeau Liberals from continuing their dangerous, divisive and woke political agenda."

"A significant part of that agenda is to spend nearly a billion dollars on stealing your guns. Make no mistake though: this fight must be won at the ballot box. This liberal socialist agenda has nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with public disarmament. They're tied to anti-gun groups in other countries; our tax dollars are being used to support a form of coordinated international gun control, and this is not okay.

"Make no mistake, the government will take steps to force us to comply. The parliamentary budget office is saying this will cost 750 million; others have estimated as high as 20 billion. The gun grabbers assume they'll force innocent firearm owners to surrender their guns for compensation. No matter how tempting the 30 pieces of silver look, I can assure you, they will not be enough, nor will complying stop more gun grabs in the future."

"The time to say no is now. When they see that we have no intention of surrendering our property, they will begin threatening people by making example of people with criminal prosecution. State-organized coercion is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. They may even go to homes to seize guns, which will not go well. If allowed to progress, it will lead to a progression of resistance both active and passive, and will be a tangible demonstration of a loss of respect for law and order."

"However, we can prevent all of this by being involved in the next federal election. Voting for a fringe party as a protest vote will only help Liberals hold on to power. It means working to get out the vote. Any party that seeks to replace the Liberals must see us a significant political force, and the effectiveness of our effort will be measured in parliamentary seats in the election. If we do not win, it's quite clear we must be vigorous in preventing them from success. Never give up your guns, keep your guns dry."

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