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NDP Pledges to Support Trudeau Until 2025

Ottawa, ON – Today the NDP confirmed it would prop up a Liberal government for another 3 years, extending Prime Minister Trudeau’s minority rule up to 2025. The formal agreement was released by the Prime Minister’s office today.

“We’ve always known the NDP and Liberals have a shared vision for more bureaucracy, more government spending and more debt,” said Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen. “With rising inflation and cost of living, the new NDP-Liberal Coalition could not come at a worse time. Canada does not need backdoor socialism.”

“As we are heading into budget season, I am alarmed that this NDP-Liberal coalition will be writing blank cheques for their progressive policies that will take generations to repay. Today, the Liberals promised nationalized dental and pharmacare plans.

“The NDP-Liberal coalition also allows the Trudeau Liberals to avoid any accountability that they should face in a minority Parliament. Canada is in for a very rough ride.

“This coalition will hurt Alberta and our oil and gas sector. Yesterday we saw the first hints of what’s to come with the NDP teaming up with the Liberals to defeat a Conservative motion that called on the government to undertake measures to allow Canadian natural gas to be exported to Europe to displace Russian gas. The coalition agreement also calls for a phase out of all federal support for the oil and gas sector.

“For Albertans, will Rachel Notley now be taking her marching orders from Justin Trudeau?”

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