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NDP MP attacks CBC for pro-Liberal bias

Although criticism of the CBC's impartiality has traditionally come from the Conservatives, the NDP may be acknowledging this trend as well.

MP Don Davies (NDP - Vancouver Kingsway) has recently taken to twitter, arguing that the CBC has unfairly privileged the platform of the governing Liberals at the expense of the other parties.

"Watching CBC national news: 3 federal stories (vaccine rollout, economic support and sexual assault claims against CAF head) - quotes + video of Liberals, not a single opposition comment. This is not balanced coverage from our national broadcaster and is happening too frequently," he wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

This tweet was soon followed up by a second post, in which Davies wrote: “Just saw a 4th and 5th federal story on CBC national news: on Meng case and Uyghurs. Trudeau quoted on both. No opposition. That’s 5 straight federal stories on CBC TV news with exclusively Liberal comment. Brazen lack of balance.”

Although the CBC claims to be neutral, it is logically in the broadcasting station's best interest if the Conservatives lose. In 2012, the Harper Conservatives cut $115 million from the CBC budget over the next three years.

CBC president Hubert Lacroix then went on to state at a public broadcasters’ conference earlier that the CBC needed to reverse the “vicious circle” of funding cuts.

“If we don’t work together to turn this around … we risk becoming so weak that we will no longer be able to provide what our citizens need from each of us and, in turn, it will be harder to justify their investment in us,” he said.

Certain CBC reporters accordingly played a role in promoting Trudeau in 2015 in order to accrue lost funding. “Justin Trudeau says govt has a role in promoting cultural industry,” said CBC reporter Margo McDiarnid back in 2015.

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