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NDP-Liberal Coalition Must Freeze April 1 Tax Hikes

On April 1, Canadian’s will be hit with a number of significant tax hikes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will increase by 25%, going from $40 per tonne to $50 per tonne.

“Conservatives are calling on the NDP-Liberal coalition to suspend the federal carbon tax to provide a bit of relief for Canadians who are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis along with the highest level of inflation in decades,” said Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen. “Let me be clear, if we were in government, we would cancel it all together.”

“We have seen the carbon tax increase the cost of everything: food, fuel, goods and services and affect families, truckers, small businesses, home heating, fuel for your vehicle. Canadians deserve a break.”

The federal tax on alcohol is on an automatic escalator and increases every April 1 with zero political accountability. Taxes are now about 50% of price of beer, 65% wine & 75% spirits. Tax on 1L of spirits will go from $12.74 to$13.04; on beer from $13.00 to $13.82/100L; and on wine from $0.67 to $0.69/L.

“I’m calling on the NDP-Liberal coalition to freeze the upcoming automatic escalator tax increase on alcohol excise duties,” said MP Viersen. “Now is not the time to make doing business more expensive with another tax increase."

“Throughout Covid, alcohol producers, including many in our riding stepped up and retooled during the COVID-19 pandemic to manufacture products like hand sanitizer and the hospitality sector was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Instead of supporting their recovery, the NDP-Liberal coalition is slapping small businesses with yet another tax increase.

“Today my Conservative colleague MP Pat Kelly introduced a bill that would permanently repeal the escalator tax hike on alcohol. I will be strongly supporting this bill that will help small businesses during their recovery.”

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