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NDP-Liberal Alliance: Disastrous for Canadians

Barrhead, AB – Today Arnold Viersen, Member of Parliament for Peace River – Westlock, released a statement regarding his concern about the NDP’s plan to back the Liberal Government.

“While the NDP deny talks of a coalition, they and the Liberals are holding secret talks to form an alliance that could keep Trudeau in power for years,” said MP Viersen. “An NDP-Liberal alliance would be a disastrous for the Canadian economy.”

“Canadians are already struggling with record levels of inflation due to Trudeau’s spending and economic policies. How many billions of dollars in new spending will be needed to buy Jagmeet Singh’s silence and fund his radical agenda?

“Together, these two parties will continue to drive our country further into debt at a time when the cost of everyday essentials such as gas, groceries, and housing are going up. This will be especially hard on seniors living on a fixed income and families with young kids.

“A NDP-Liberal alliance would also shut down Canadian oil patch, eliminating thousands of jobs and dividing the country. Prime Minister Trudeau and his anti-energy activist Environment Minister have been clear about their desire to ‘phase out’ the energy sector. With the NDP’s support, the Liberals could fast-track the end of the oil fields.

"I call on the NDP to support Albertans and defend Alberta jobs and not to support the Liberal anti-oil agenda.

"Canada’s Conservatives believe in policies that will allow stand up for our world leading oil and gas sector and allow the Canadian economy to grow with paychecks, not debt."

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