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National Firearms Association Virtual AGM had a positive turnout with No Compromise On Bill C-21

NFA AGM 2021

Attendance at the meeting was up from 2020 with more participation and 220 members in attendance. There was active interaction throughout the virtual call and a pleasant atmosphere among the members. The meeting scheduled for three hours ran well into four hours long with a Q and A period at the end.

As of this year’s meeting, all of the executive spots are held by the same members as the previous year’s meeting with the exception of one addition: the new position created for an Executive Director Social & Digital Media. Charles Zach has been the appointed Executive Director for lobbying efforts for the NFA since 2019.

During the virtual meeting, the directors from each province gave their reports and talked about how they are adjusting to working around the Covid-19 restrictions.

The four-hour-long call’s open discussion touched on the court challenge of Cassy Premack vs Canada - the Prince George rifle shop owner filing a judicial review on federal gun bans under the C-21 Bill and now, Bill-4. The group has no major concerns about the upcoming challenge. Executive members asked the membership if they wanted to condemn liberals on the attacks on firearms, and it was agreed. So NFA will be making a public statement to condemn the liberals for these actions.

Members also discussed the NFA campaign for third-party election status when the upcoming election is called.

VP Blair Hagan explained new regulations that the CFO are bringing down regarding registration certificates and transport. NFA’s statement will be posted live once the executives get everything sorted out. The VP’s posting will explain aspects of the new regulations that all firearm owners should know about.

Members of the NFA were regretful of a second virtual meeting rather than in-person. Jordan Vandenhoff, Ontario Director at Canada's National Firearms Association Sport Shooter and Executive Director of Social Media and Digital Chair, noted, “We really miss the social aspect and getting out and talking with firearm enthusiasts.”

While the Executives and members miss interacting at their in-person meetings, the Zoom format has proven to be a successful method for the NFA’s AGM. Vandenhoff confirmed that the next meeting will, hopefully, include both in-person meetings and virtual events for members to attend without needing to travel. “Moving forward out of Covid, we will still do Zoom and in person for the AGMs; That way we can get full engagement from the membership. We love the interaction and we want to hear what our members have to say. We love the conversation.”

The next meeting will take place in Quebec and will incorporate the virtual meetings that members are now so well adapted to. With Zoom included, no members have to miss out. “We have full transparency on everything we are doing.” - Vandenhoff

Canada's National Firearms Association is a non-profit group of advocates whose goal is to protect the use of safe firearm activity and the legal ownership of firearms.

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