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MP Zimmer: It’s Time to Restore Canadian Optimism, Ingenuity, and Leadership

As we all look ahead to rounding the corner on COVID-19, our country is at a crossroads and Canadians will need to decide which path to recovery they can trust.

Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, my Conservative colleagues and I are working hard to secure our future and to get those who have struggled the most through this pandemic back to work.

Canada’s Conservatives got our country through the last recession, and with Canada’s Recovery Plan, I know we will get Canadians through this one too.

I firmly believe that it is time to restore Canadian optimism, to restore Canadian ingenuity, and to restore Canadian leadership.

Every Canadian deserves the security and dignity that comes with a secure, stable, and well-paid job. A comprehensive job plan to get Canadians back to work across the country will be a key focus for us Conservatives in Parliament.

My Conservative colleagues and I will also put the country first, by committing to the toughest accountability and transparency laws in Canada’s history.

We care about Canadians' mental health. My Conservative colleague MP Todd Doherty's initiative to consolidate existing suicide prevention services into one national 9-8-8 phone number that is accessible to all Canadians is evidence of that. It's time to make clear the importance of mental health, especially during times of crisis, and to do more to treat it properly.

As a country, we must never again be caught as unprepared as we were when COVID hit last year. Conservatives will fight to make Canada more resilient, reduce our reliance on foreign countries like China, and take seriously our responsibility to protect the health of Canadians.

We also understand the importance of getting our economy back on track. We can’t pass unsustainable debt on to future generations. Once the recovery starts, we will need to get spending under control.

I know that you are weary after a year of national crisis. But I also know that Canadians are resolute and united in the belief that our country’s best days are ahead of us.

Canadians deserve certainty, clarity, and competence from their government. You and your family deserve a real plan for the challenges we face today and going forward.

That is exactly what my Conservative colleagues and I are focused on.

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