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MP Yurdiga: Liberal's Attempt To Silence Canadians with Bill C-10

Ottawa, Ontario —The Liberal Government is giving itself the authority to dictate what is shown on the internet. Any news the Liberal Government disagrees with can be deemed “misinformation.” Their Bill C-10 violates the freedom of expression Canadians have valued for centuries.

Bill C-10 goes against the founding ideas of our democracy. The power that the Liberal Government will be gaining is astounding. The Liberals have brought up this idea in the past with Kent Commission in 1981. That they need to remove misleading information from the internet to not cause panic. This time they say COVID-19 is the reason.

Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, has made many bold claims about the content of the bill. That it won’t affect Canadian ownership requirements. He claims that they are only targeting “Web Giants” and individuals using sites were exempt from the bill. Later in the second reading of the bill the clause that protected individuals was removed. When speaking on the topic of the clause protecting individuals, Steven Guilbeault said it was, “unnecessary, ridiculous”, and kept dodging questions surrounding the removal of the clause on a CBC News call. He told the House of Commons that C-10 contains economic thresholds but none were made or guaranteed, rather the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) would be left to create significant thresholds.

The Liberals are giving the CRTC a blank cheque. The law will give the CRTC the power to judge the content of our free media. The bill gives power to the CRTC with no determined conditions. They need to realize that people’s voices matter and that their opinions should not be silenced.

I disagree with this bill, I will fight day and night for this bill not to pass because Canadian voices and freedom matter.

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