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MP Viersen questions Liberal delay on COVID-19 rapid testing

Yesterday, Conservative MP Arnold Viersen raised concerns over the continued delay of rapid COVID-19 testing options after the federal government announced it had finally signed a deal to buy up to 7.9 million rapid coronavirus tests yesterday – which have yet to be approved.

"The global medical community has been clear that easily accessible testing is the key to combating the spread of COVID-19 while helping people live normal lives," said MP Viersen. "The Conservative Party has been calling for rapid and easily accessible tests since March. However, Justin Trudeau and his Health Minister have repeatedly failed to fight for access to these vital tools for Canadians."

"We know rapid and widespread testing is a crucial tool to get our country back to work and end this pandemic," said MP Viersen. "This government's utter failure to approve rapid testing and secure supplies have been devastating to our economic recovery. Canadians shouldn't have to choose between a paycheque and getting tested."

The MP for Peace River – Westlock asked the federal government for clarification on the following, as part of his inquiry.

  • On what date will these rapid tests finally be available?

  • How does the government plan to distribute the tests across Canada?

  • Why has it taken our country so long to get this done?

  • How many schools have had to close because we didn't have this capability?

  • How many hours were lost as working parents had to stand in line for a test?

"As Canadians face more lockdowns, Canada's Conservatives will continue to stand up for Canadians and fight for a real plan. We are getting results, and there is much more to be done."

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