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MP Viersen: Let Canadians Fly Says

Canada is nearly alone on the world’s stage as a country clinging to its COVID mandates making travel inefficient, difficult, or impossible. Moreover, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP continue to support these mandates and hamper our tourism sector.

We live in the only country in the world that prevents a particular group of its own citizens from being able to travel by plane, both domestically and internationally. People heading out and returning from travel describe long lines, delayed and canceled flights and many more headaches. Countries across the world and the province are following the science and have removed their mandates. It is time that Canada opens too.

Over the past two years, the Prime Minister has belittled, name called, and demonized those who have chosen to not get a COVID vaccine. Moreover, he has politicized vaccines using them to wedge, divide, and stigmatize Canadians. Instead of unifying people during these trying past couple of years, the Liberals remain intent on continuing to restrict who can fly and see their loved ones.

I continue to hear heart-wrenching stories about people who can’t see their dying parents or grandparents, stories of missed graduations, weddings, and other events. In Question Period, I have asked why Canadians are facing this discrimination, when almost every country in the Western world allows travel for their citizens. Frustratingly, we have not seen evidence and the science backing these claims.

The Liberals prefer political science as they are unwilling or unable to show the rationale for their mandates and restrictions. The science the world sees shows that everyone can transmit Covid and that vaccine mandates have run their course. The UK, Ireland, Denmark, Israel, Iceland, Sweden, and France among others are all following the science. People continue to ask what makes Canadian science different than these countries, as Canadian science seems to be more in tune with communist China or North Korea.

The Globe and Mail editorial board recently wrote about the need to end Canada’s travel restrictions. The board claims that airports are backlogged and clogged because of everyone having to provide proof of vaccination and random testing. Additionally, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has written the Liberal Government asking them to act to reduce the delays at Canadian airports. Over the past four weeks, more than 100,000 travelers’ plans have been disrupted. Even WestJet’s CEO is calling for an end to the travel mandates. These delays and disruptions are an embarrassment to Canada, especially as our nation celebrates Tourism and Hospitality Week.

I have and will continue to speak out against the mandates. After more than two years, we know much more about how COVID works. The virus has changed and waned helping to greatly bring down the number of hospitalizations. We are no longer living in the pandemic, and we are learning to live with COVID.

Our provinces are open, the world is open and yet the Prime Minister continues to ground his own citizens. Canada is the only country in the western world that prevents its own citizens from flying. But those who are unvaccinated are placed on the ‘no-fly list.’

It is past time that these vindictive and divisive mandates are removed.

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