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MP Viersen: I will be voting against the Emergencies Act

This week the Prime Minister of Canada invoked the Emergencies Act. The House of Commons will debate the affirmation of the Emergencies Act today and throughout rare Saturday and Sunday sittings.

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen released the following statement: “After weeks of demonizing and slandering hardworking Canadians who simply want their lives back, the Prime Minister is setting a dangerous precedent by imposing the powers of the Emergencies Act.

“Rather than attempting to engage and diffuse the situation, this Prime Minister is pulling out a sledgehammer to respond to those who think differently.

“I will be voting against the Emergencies Act.

“The Government of Canada should not have the power to close the bank accounts of hardworking Canadians simply on the suspicion of supporting causes of which the government doesn’t approve. This is not how the government of a free and democratic society operates.”

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