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MP Sangha Kicked Out Of Liberal Party For Being Honest

During a Punjabi-Language Interview MP Ramesh Sangha made some bold comments that accused top liberals of being in support of the Khalistani Extremist movement. His comments were directed towards Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan, and also Minister Navdeep Bains, who recently resigned from Trudeau’s government. Bains claims that this choice was based around wanting to spend more time with his family, whereas Sangha believes the resignation was in relation to Bains’ extremist views.

Aside from suggesting that both Bains and Sajjan are extremists that support the creation of an independent Sikh homeland (Khalistan) in the Punjab region of India, Sangha had some opinions of extremists he chose to share. “If you state that you’re an extremist, or a Khalistani, and we have seen this in America, are leaders with extremist ideas fit to be Ministers? I have my doubts.”

This interview took place Thursday, January 21, 2021. By Monday January 25, 2021 the liberal party had already released a statement informing the public that Sangha had been removed from the caucus.

Mark Holland, the Liberal Party Whip, released the statement. “The necessary steps were taken. As of this afternoon, Mr. Sangha has been removed from the Liberal caucus.” Interestingly enough Holland also addressed Sangha’s comments saying, “He made baseless and dangerous accusations against a number of his colleagues.” Very interesting to make a comment like that without offering up any facts or evidence that the claims are wrong or misguided.

To add insult to injury, Holland made further claims that the reason for Sangha speaking out during the interview is that he is racist. “Unfortunately it is not uncommon for many Canadians to experience suspicions because of their background… The Liberal caucus continues to stand firm against racism and intolerance.”

This would indeed be a very appalling and justifying claim if it were not for the fact that Bains is a Sikh who was born in Toronto and Sangha is a Sikh from India. Sangha was not privy to his background nor the background of any of the other ministers in Trudeau’s government. To top it off, Sangha only discussed their political viewpoints. No where in the interview did he discuss, race, religious beliefs, cultural aspects, etc.

This incident seems suspiciously similar to the case of Trudeau’s former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould that took place back in 2019. At the time the PM was attempting to get Jody to cut a deal with a large company instead of being honest and continuing with pressing charges. When Jody refused Trudeau and his team spent months harassing her and sending her veiled threats. When Jody spoke out against the PM she was released from her position.

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