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Montreal protesters Host Dance Party Protest, Urge govt. to lift clubbing ban

Protestors in Montrealers held a large dance party on Mount Royal in opposition to the Quebec government, urging it to remove its ban on dancing in bars and clubs.

Alex Stojda, who showed up with friends, said Montreal is one of the last major cities in the Western world where dancing isn’t allowed, despite having one of the highest vaccination rates.

Melanie Leeson said that allowing some 20,000 people in the stands at the Bell Centre for a recent Montreal Canadiens game while still maintaining a nightlife ban is unfair.

“I feel like if we’re at a point where we can be in a crowd that large indoors, I don’t see why nightlife can’t be allowed if people follow health measures,” she said to the Globe and Mail.

Quebec and British Columbia continue to ban dancing in bars and nightclubs as part of their COVID-19 regulations.

Quebec has said it’s taking a gradual approach to lifting pandemic-related restrictions, and experts have said dancing can be dangerous because of a lack of distancing and other factors.

“It’s time for pleasure and joy, and that’s what dance is,” said Sophie Trolliet, who stood on the Mount Royal lookout holding a sign. “I miss the feeling of that community, of being free on the dance floor, because that’s really why people go: to escape how difficult the world is,” she said. “And I really miss that.”

It seems Montrealers have finally had enough.

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