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MLA Getson Does Tell-All: Vaccine Injury Led to Him Avoiding Disclosing Partial Vaxx Status

In an interview with our very own host Rob Boutilier, independent MLA Shane Getson [Lac. Ste. Anne-Parkland] admitted that he did not disclose his partial vaccination out of fear that he would be prevented from entering the Alberta Legislature.

“I wanted to make sure that folks had a voice in the house. I was concerned my voice might be taken away. And so that’s why I did not disclose to anyone else what my vaccination status was.”

After receiving his first (and only) shot in October, Getson became extremely ill, describing himself as having been “sicker than a dog and two days in bed.” Soon, he lost function in his right arm.

“My right arm starts hurting. I got a shot in my left. Knees ache, back ache, hips ache, like arthritic-type things just non-stop. Can barely sleep at night. That kind of rolls on and on until about December 22, when I lost the use of my right arm. So my shoulder seized up and I went in and saw my doctor and I started getting some chest pains and those type of things,” he said.

After developing swelling in his face, he consulted a dermatologist, who attributed the effects to the vaccine.

Still, he emphasized freedom of choice in allowing people to choose as they may to get the shot.

“I wasn’t holding it back from other people to prevent them or anything else everyone had to make their own mind up. It’s their personal choices,” he said.

Getson also discussed the upcoming amendment of the Municipal Government Act in Alberta.

Premier Kenney said at a Tuesday news conference in Red Deer the UCP government will introduce legislation as early as next week that will take away the ability of municipalities to impose their own public health restrictions. Getson praised the desicion.

“I’m glad to see the premier starting to message that we have to recall that municipalities are children of the province. If the children get not aligned, maybe it’s time for someone to get spanked. Because we have to move past this. It cannot be just virtue signaling for the sake of virtue signaling,” he said.

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