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Man Arrested for Threatening Alberta MP

February 16, 2021 Wood Buffalo RCMP received a call from the office of the Sergeant-at -Arms from the house of commons in Ottawa. Allegedly Fort McMurray-Cold Lake MP David Yurdiga received threatening calls and messages.

Later that day RCMP arrested 62 year old Bradley Love and charged him with making and indecent communication with intent to alarm as well as uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Love has since been released but is scheduled for a court appearance March 17, 2021 in Fort MacMurray.

RCMP also acknowledge that parliament hill security has taken proper security measures to ensure the safety of Yurdiga as well as his staff.

The Buffalo was able to contact Mr. Yurdiga and he told TBT:

MP Yurdiga I have received a number of threats over the past year and now this individual has included my wife. I can't make any further comments at this time. I will be talking to the office of the Sargent of Arms and OLO tomorrow. I have briefed our Party Whip Blake Richard's earlier this evening. Hopefully this individual gets the help he needs.

Brad Love has been convicted multiple times for committing hate crimes is accused of leaving hateful, racist messages on empty vehicles and slashing tires near Fort McMurray between February and September back in 2020.

Brad Love

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