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Liberals up in polls; launch callout for candidates for next federal election

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Liberal Party has officially announced that it is looking for candidates to run for them in the next election, chiefly those who have been instrumental in working to help their communities throughout the ongoing pandemic.

On a video on the party website, the Prime Minister said that those who assisted with the pandemic should consider opting into a career in federal politics.

The Liberals are also stating that riding associations will have to show that they've looked hard this time around for potential candidates from "communities or backgrounds that are not sufficiently represented in Parliament."

Trudeau's popularity has bounced back from scandal earlier this year. Maclean's has reported that Trudeau's personal approval rating had bounced back to 49% after dipping into the mid-40s during the summer due to the WE controversy. Meanwhile, two out of three Canadians are satisfied with the Liberal government's handling of the pandemic, which has remained steady since March. By contrast, one-quarter of Canadians have no opinion of O'Toole one way or the other. His favorability rating stands at 36%; his unfavourability at 40%. Singh is viewed favourably by 49% of Canadians compared to 41% who do not.

Federal polling equally stands in the Liberal Party's favour. A recent Leger poll has the Liberals standing with 35% of decided voters, compared to the CPC's 29% and the NDP's 23%. A recent electoral projection by 338Canada has the LPC receiving 168 seats, just two short of the 170 required for a majority government.

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