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Liberals Shut Down Debate on Controversial Internet Censorship Bill

Once again, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are showing their disdain for democracy. Not only have they reintroduced a near copy of their controversial internet regulation bill, but now, they’ve shut down debate in the House of Commons.

In other words, the Liberals are ending the free speech of MPs on a Bill that would erode free speech of Canadians online. And they are doing this with the support of the NDP.

A bill as far-reaching as C-11 requires full and careful consideration. Unfortunately, the Liberals - along with their NDP partners - have chosen to ignore Canadians’ concerns and force this bill through Parliament. A bill that will have a massive impact on how Canadians access content online.

Bill C-11 will allow the government to regulate almost any audio or audio-visual content online. Any Canadian who watches videos or listens to music or podcasts online could be impacted by it. Even worse, this bill could endanger the content Canadians chose to upload online.

Now I believe there are some areas of the Internet that should have oversight. Porn companies shouldn't have unlimited access to your kids online - but they do and have no requirement to make sure those accessing their sites are actually over eighteen.

I also believe that porn companies should not be able to post content without verifying the age and consent of each person depicted. Too many women and kids have been horrifically exploited online and porn companies like Montreal-based MindGeek have made billions of dollars from it.

But the Liberal's Bill C-11 doesn't tackle these important issues at all. They are more interested in policing your political, social and religious views online.

Conservatives are standing up to this abuse of power. We will continue to be the voice for Canadians who are concerned about preserving freedom of speech on the internet. We are also working to pass legislation that actually protects women and kids online from harm and exploitation.

Canadians deserve better than an NDP/Liberal coalition that ignores their concerns and recklessly rushes legislation through.

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