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Liberals say they won't call an election—but open campaign office

MP for Simcoe—Grey Terry Dowdall attacked the Liberals for what appears to be the opening of a new re-election office for their candidate in Markham-Thornhill, despite the fact that a unanimous committee report has called on Trudeau not to trigger election during the pandemic.

"Re-elect Mary Ng," reads the sign on the building. "Just wondering what message the Liberal's [sic] are sending here when they say they only care about the health of canadians and don't want an election , yet a Minister has opened an election office. #Hypocrisy #cdnpoli," wrote Dowdall on Twitter.

"Don’t we need a replacement GG first?," wrote on commenter. "Is that legal?" quipped another.

The procedure and House affairs committee, whose Liberal members have even supported the recommendation, have called for no election during the pandemic, unless Trudeau's minority Liberal government is defeated on a confidence vote.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has also promised that his party won't vote to bring the government until COVID-19 is over. That should be enough to ensure the continuation of the minority Liberal government for now, unless Trudeau attempts to increase his minority of his own volition by triggering an election.

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