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Liberals New Carbon Tax Enforced At Midnight Tonight & This is not an April Fools joke Canada!

April 1, 2021 the federal government shows just how not funny they are. Sending gas prices soaring with the carbon tax increase. This takes the price from $30 per tonne in greenhouse gas emission to $40, this means that the promise to increase the carbon tax by 33% followed through.

Although the plans for this began in 2018 it does not make it any easier to accept especially with the horrible state of our economy from this last year. After going into mass amounts of debt due to COVID and poor federal management, it makes no sense to make us pay roughly 8.8 cents per liter at the pump. When Canadians get their jobs back how will they be able to get there?

To make matters worse this tax will also apply to any fossil fuel expense such as heating or cooling your home, natural gas, lighting, etc. Putting a hike on these products also means rising costs of everyday items that we have grown accustomed to using.

Even Canadian Taxpayers Federation Federal director Aaron Wudrick was against the carbon tax and was previously quoted, “The legal battle may be over, but we will proudly continue our fight against this tax in the policy arena.”

This raise is quite the blow and although there are many that we can blame (Jason Kenney included for empty promises), the real finger still needs to point at Trudeau. Instead of taking a pay cut or even declining his annual raise he takes more from our wallets. As he has charities paying his family to speak at events we are stuck wondering how to put food on our tables.

He claims to have our backs and that we are all in this together. Yes Mr. Prime Minister, you do have our backs and the shirts that came off them. As for being all in this together… I guess debt does count.

So fill your tanks, buy your groceries, turn you heat up one last time, the carbon tax increase has arrived.

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