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Liberals New Broadcasting Legislation Under Review While ''Big Tech'' Giants Get A Pass

Heritage minister Steven Guilbealult addressed the house of commons on Monday. The new legislation surrounding Bill C-10 that was recently put into place. Bill C-10 basically outlines the policies and procedures under which any broadcasting outlets (such as videos and music streaming services) may operate. Currently online audio and audio-visual content including homemade personal content does not fall into this category.

Member of Parliament Heather McPherson from the NDP raised concerns surrounding the fact that certain popular social media platforms, Google and Facebook for example, appeared to be exempt from these new CRTC regulations.

Guilbeault responded by saying that, “when they will act as broadcasters, then the regulations will be able to apply to them.”

Even though there are many who are in favor of this Act being approved some are still hesitant as it may not even be strict enough. Questions also arose around the lack of restrictions surrounding the growing issue of online hate. This seems to be even more an issue in today’s world then the global pandemic. Yet, Guilbeault merely waved the question away saying that part of the “legislation will come later” and that if the Act included any more points it would take longer to be approved.

This Act alone, by 2023, could cause an increase of $830 million contributed by online streaming services toward Canadian content.

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