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Liberal Government Spends $8.6 Million on Failed UN Seat Campaign

According to recent reports, the federal government has funnelled over $8.6 million into its failed campaign to earn a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation has obtained records indicating that the government spent $8,664,524.00 on the campaign. A campaign in which we came in only third.

From 2016, when the campaign began, until June 20th, 2020, the total salary costs for bureaucrats assigned to the campaign for the UN Security Council seat reached a total of $6,218,498.00. This salary expenditure was on top of operational expenses totalling $2,446,026.00. Additional costs such as travel and operating expenses have not yet been released.

In balloting on June 17th, 2020, Canada came in third place for the seat. Canada received 108 votes while Ireland had 128 votes, and Norway won the campaign with 130 votes. With all costs tallied, the campaign cost Canadian taxpayers over $80,227.00 per vote.

Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the CTF (Canadian Tax Foundation), stated that the spending was a massive waste of funds. “Wasting millions of dollars for a seat on the UN’s security council would be bad enough, but spending over $8.6 million to finish in third shows that this campaign was a big swing and a miss for taxpayers. The amount the government spent on each vote is more than many Canadians earn each year.”

Another cost linked to the campaign is Trudeau’s cancelled stop to Barbados amid the unsuccessful campaign. Disclosures reveal close to $140,000.00 in expenses for the Prime Minister’s cancelled beachside trip. “This is quite the tab for a tropical government trip, but it’s an astronomical bill for a trip the prime minister didn’t even go on,” Terrazano stated. Despite Trudeau not even making an appearance in the name of the campaign, CTF reports over $4,000 in staff flight costs, over $15,000 in vehicle rentals, and over $75,000 in hotel service costs.

In early 2020, Trudeau travelled to both Ethiopia and Germany in campaign efforts. The federal government also spent a total of $51,000.00 was also spent on travel for diplomats, consultants, and contractors to UN headquarters in New York.

Details of campaign costs and spending are still lacking. Some of which, Terrazzano stated, was spent on cookies and key chains. “Taxpayers are eagerly waiting to see what else the government thought would be a good idea to spend our money on in its efforts to impress UN bureaucrats.”

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