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Liberal Bill C-7: Assisted Death Bill Law Passes

Just over a year ago the Liberal Justice Minister shelved Bill C-7 which would allow individuals to opt for a medically assisted suicide. Now it seems, the liberals have dusted it off again and are stretching the Bill to include those with mental illness.

Hon. Rob Moore had this to say, “Instead of recklessly expanding MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) to those with mental illness without parliamentary review, the Liberals should focus on providing additional mental health support.”

Some individuals see this as a way to just eliminate persons with disabilities or mental health issues to “kill themselves as a form of treatment without making mental health supports free,” as disability activist Sarah Jama, put it.

There are still some politicians that have made it clear that they are against the passing of this bill. One of them being Pierre Poilievre who posted on his Facebook page just yesterday. His post read, “The government is ramming through a bill allowing medically-assisted suicide for people with mental illness. Here is one reason I’m voting “no”.” Attached to the post was a video depicting the mental health journey of Garifalia Milousis.

The video shares her struggles with self harm and the internal battle that she was able to hide for years. It discusses how she is glad that none of her attempts worked and that she is able to live her life now. Milousis does let us know that her mental illness would allow her to qualify for MAID.

Milousis powerfully quotes, “There will be some people who will thank you for making it possible for them to die, but that’s the problem. In two years, four years, that same person will not thank you.”

MP Arnold Viersen also shared some valuable insight to this new bill. “We have heard from persons with disabilities, medical professionals, Indigenous communities and seniors advocates who have made clear they believe the expansion of MAID in Bill C-7 is harmful and requires more scrutiny. In fact, more than 300 disability groups in Canada oppose the changes in Bill C-7.”

Today this bill has been held to a vote in the house of commons. The final tally passed the law. C-7 is now a legitimate law allowing those near death, with extreme disabilities, mental illnesses, ect. To end their life.

MP David Yurdiga told The Buffalo Tribune, this is a sad day for Canada!

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