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Left-Wing News Outlet HuffPost Canada Shuts Down

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Just weeks after staff at HuffPost Canada filed for union certification on February 23rd in an "attempt to improve conditions for both current and future employees [...] in an increasingly unstable industry," the company has announced it will be ending operations.

“Today is a sad day. This morning, we found out that BuzzFeed will be shutting down operations of HuffPost Canada and Quebec next week," reads the union's Twitter account. "All of our staff are now out of a job.”

The tweets read as follows: “We have been told this decision was made before our organizing effort and is not linked to our unionizing. Still, it is even more devastating in the wake of the hope and optimism we had following a strong union drive. HuffPost Canada consistently punched above our weight and did vital, important journalism in Canada. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the U.S. and the U.K. who are experiencing layoffs of their own. It is a sad day for journalism."

Some journalists offered their thoughts online. "HuffPost Canada has been shut down, with immediate effect. Wow. It's just gone," wrote National Post contributor Matt Gurney. Matt Wolf, Executive Director of Issues Management for Premier Jason Kenney, also chimed in on Twitter: "Having been part of a news network that was shut down, I take no joy in this. More voices = better. At the same time, while not the only cause, gotta say that taxpayers subsidizing a State Broadcaster with over $1B/year to build a digital news empire isn't helping."

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