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Kingston business refuses to enforce vaccine passports

Jakk Tuesdays Sports Pub in Kingston has made one thing clear — they don’t support COVID-19 vaccines or mask mandates.

“There’s a silent majority out there that’s fed up with how long this is going and what’s really happening,” says owner Kelly Hale. “The tyranny of this government has got to stop. Start with the masks, I think they’ve been a farce from day one.”

The Ontario provincial government announced that, as of Sept. 22, people will need to be fully vaccinated to enter public places such as gyms, restaurants, bars and clubs.

“I’m just doing what’s legal,” Hale says. “Not doing something illegal like the government is asking me to do by asking you for your personal medical information when you come into my restaurant.”

As far as enforcing masks, KFL&A Public Health released a statement that says, “All businesses and organizations are required to follow the rules as outlined by the province in the Reopening Ontario Act, Regulation 364/20.”

However, Hale says he’s standing up for his rights and he will not back down. The province announced recently that business owners who don’t comply with checking the vaccination status of patrons will face hefty fines if caught and convicted.

The fine for non-compliant patrons could be a minimum of $750 while businesses risk a $1,000 hit.

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