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Kenney's End? UCP Constituency Associations Demand Immediate Leadership Review

About two dozen United Conservative Party constituency associations are demanding a leadership review of Jason Kenney within three months. Kenney’s next leadership review was not expected to take place until late 2022.

An announcement today saw several United Conservative Party constituency association presidents meet a procedural threshold to call for a special motion demanding one earlier.

“Therefore, having attained at least 22 constituency associations (being over one quarter) necessary as set out in section 5.7 of the party bylaws, we have met the threshold to trigger a Special General Meeting for the purpose of conducting a leadership review,” the letter from the constituency associations to party president Ryan Becker reads.

“We expect that this process will be held in accordance with the aforementioned conditions endorsed by our boards.

“We look forward to your response acknowledging receipt of this notice prior to the commencement of the AGM on Friday, Nov. 19.”

Kenney's leadership has come under tremendous criticism from members of his party, including some UCP MLAs and former Wildrose leader Brian Jean, over restrictions he has made to deal with the COVID-19 public health crisis (which he himself has broken) This also follows on the heels of a recent harassment controversy that plagued his administration.

Most accuse him of infringing on people’s individual rights with his public health measures, like the recently announced vaccine passport program. Things have gotten so bad, 338 polls that a NDP supermajority would win (if held today) in the normally-conservative province, as swing-voters abandon the UCP in droves.

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