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Kenney Government’s Gas Tax Cut provides Needed Help to Taxpayers

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is applauding the Kenney government’s decision to pause the provincial fuel tax while oil prices are soaring. Removing the provincial fuel tax will save taxpayers 13 cents per litre on gasoline.

“The Kenney government has stepped up to the plate to help taxpayers who are struggling with record gas prices,” says Kevin Lacey Alberta Director with the CTF. “Eliminating the provincial gas tax is a great way to give taxpayers a break.”

The Alberta government’s gas tax cut will take effect on April 1.

Gasoline prices include 10 cents a litre in federal gas tax, 13 cent provincial gas tax, five per cent GST and 8.8 cent carbon tax. At today’s prices, taxes make up approximately 41 cents of the pump price or about 25 per cent.

The federal government is increasing the carbon tax from 11 cents a litre on April 1.

“Premier Jason Kenney has made the first move and now the ball is in the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s to court to do the right thing and cut the carbon tax to protect taxpayers,” said Lacey.

This gas tax cut will save a family $9.52 on every fill up of a 70-litre sedan.

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