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Kenney and Trudeau Must be closer Than We Thought: Forced Lockdowns Are Evidence

It’s become extremely suspicious to Canadians that no matter how loud we scream, no matter what evidence is presented, no matter how many suicides are documented, Trudeau and Kenney seem to hear that we all want and need more lockdowns.

Yes, the U.S. is ahead of Canada on vaccines, but guess what, even Florida only locked down once at the very beginning. Since reopening they have managed to stay that way. This is highly suspicious since they have a larger elderly population and yet they are no worse off just by having a few minor restrictions such as mask wearing and store capacity limits.

Even more odd is the fact that we are beginning to lose just as many Canadians to suicide because of the pandemic rather than because of the pandemic itself. Yet the lockdowns are in our best interest?

Our economy is hurting. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been lost, we have a skyrocketing unemployment rate, and most families have a hard time providing the basic necessities. Yet the lockdowns are in our best interest?

Faiths are being tested and tried to the highest degree because there is very little religious support available. Churches of all things, are being shut down and fined for providing any sense of normalcy at this time.

People are turning against each other over face coverings and hand sanitizer. They are fighting harder then ever over politics, personal beliefs, freedoms, etc. And it still seems that no matter how chaotic it gets, Trudeau and Kenney would rather discipline us more rather then deal with facts and evidence about what we need.

How could it possibly be that we have 16 MLA’s speaking out against Kenney locking down the province again and he still won’t hear it. He simply acts shocked and speaks out about the people of our province being more patient.

The level of control that is currently being held over Canada and Alberta feels far more like a dictatorship than it actually should. You are currently not allowed to choose what you wear on your face in public spaces, you do not have say over your children's extra curricular activities, there is no choice about how to spend your time, nobody gets to decide who gets to come into their home and when, it’s just simply against the rules to allow anyone into your home.

We are told how to greet others, how we are allowed to spend our time outside of our home, Our elderly are forced to stay away from the general public even if, more than anything they would rather be with those they love even though it could mean a fatal illness.

When do we get our Canada back. “The true north, strong and free.

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