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K-97 Radio Host Terry Evans Pokes Fun at Greta

Terry Evans is known for his vibrant personality. Having the reputation that he would do anything, anytime was fun and dangerous for Terry. Walking on Fire before an Edmonton Trappers game in front of the people in the stands, and Bungee Jumping and Skydiving on the air.

He's worn a medieval suit of armour while standing on the 200-yard mark of a Golf Driving Range to raise money for The BEAR Children Fund.

Now, the co-host of K97 Radio Edmonton is doing his bravest stunt yet: poking fun at environmentalist Greta Thunberg.

A post that he shared on Facebook quickly went viral this week.

Terry's outspoken Alberta pride has gotten him in trouble before.

In the past, he was helping his daughter move in Victoria, and while in Kamloops his driver-side window on his truck was smashed in.

Evans says his Alberta license plates were “hidden,” but his Edmonton Oilers decal was showing. He reported the incident online to Kamloops RCMP and has not heard anything back. Nothing was stolen from his vehicle.

Evans also called out B.C. Premier John Horgan about vandalism against vehicles with out-of-province license plates

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