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Justice Centre welcomes John Carpay back as President; Legal team expanding

The Justice Centre is pleased to welcome back John Carpay to resume his responsibilities as President, as he returns from a leave of absence. The Board is taking steps to strengthen governance, and to provide increased independence between the litigation and educational activities of the organization.

While there is still work to be done in the coming weeks and months, the Board recognizes that the organization needs to end the uncertainty that comes with temporary leadership, to enable the Justice Centre to work more effectively in dealing with unprecedented challenges in our society. The Board is also seeking to streamline and refresh its membership to better respond to demands on the organization.

The Justice Centre would like to thank Lisa Bildy, who stepped in as Interim President these last seven weeks. Ms. Bildy did an excellent job in leading the organization. Canada is experiencing a wave of unprecedented Charter violations with the introduction of vaccine passports, and with limitations on mobility, employment, and voting rights. Every day, hundreds of Canadians are appealing to the Justice Centre for help.

In order to keep up with the large number of requests for legal help, the Justice Centre is announcing today several openings for new staff lawyers and paralegals, as well as a new Office Manager:

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