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Jordin Tootoo Documentary Set to Launch Soon

Tootoo, a documentary on Canadian hockey player Jordin Tootoo, the first Inuk player to play in the NHL, is set to launch with Super Channel and ScoreG Productions.

Deadline reports that: "the feature documentary will delve into Jordin’s international stardom, leadership as the first player of Inuk descent, tragic personal loss, and addiction. A promising career that could have ended too soon was kept alive by Tootoo’s determination to rise above every challenge while nearly falling short in the toughest game of all: life."

Adam Scorgie and producing partner Shane Fennessey commented on the announcement, stating that "my partner, Shane, and I have had the good fortune to work with many tremendous athletes. We always say that the greatest heroes face the most adversity. Jordin’s story is so appealing to us because he is a perfect example of that. His success throughout life has been against all odds, and he beat those odds to become a fan-favourite in the best hockey league in the world, breaking all kinds of barriers along the way. We are humbled Jordin chose our team to tell his inspiring story.”

Scorgie added additional commentary. “Although Jordin’s had great success being the first Inuit player to ever make NHL, the first Inuit player to ever play for Team Canada, it wasn’t without a lot of controversy and turmoil, with his brother committing suicide and Jordin struggling from addiction until he got sober,” Scorgie said. “But there’s a positive message.… You can see that someone like Jordin, that came from the upbringing he had and the adversity he overcame, that anybody can do it if they go on the right path and really try to be the best person they can, that’s what inspired me about Jordin’s book and inspired me when I met him.”

Jordin Tootoo added his own remarks. “My mission in life is to raise my children to a world where the cycle of trauma has ended and make a difference in the lives of indigenous youth across North America. I am honoured to be working with Adam, Michael, and Shane to bring my story to life. I hope it will inspire others to speak up and seek the help they need to live their best lives, free of the generational trauma that has plagued my people," he said.

Director Michael Hamilton noted that: “prior to fully submerging myself into this story, whenever I would hear the name Jordin Tootoo, automatically, my brain would go to hockey and a player from up north who enjoyed the physical aspect of the game." Hamilton went on. “However, now when I hear that name, I understand there are so many more layers to Jordin Tootoo than hockey. Hockey is an important element to this story, but for me, the narrative outside the game of the boy who becomes a man holds the most appeal and emotion."

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