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Jordan Peterson calls Quebec health minister “scumrat” over vaccine passports

Jordan Peterson recently labelled Quebec health minister Christian Dubé a “scumrat” over his announcement that Quebecers must have three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for their vaccine passports.

“When will this stop?” said Peterson in a tweet on Friday. “When we stop it.”

Health Minister Christian Dubé made the announcement during a news conference Thursday.

Dubé did not provide an exact date for the change, only saying it would be made once all Quebecers have been given the chance to get a third dose.

Currently, the general population has access to a third dose if they are 50 or older. All adults will have access as of Jan. 17.

Dubé also announced that Quebecers will need to show proof that they are adequately vaccinated in order to enter the Quebec Liquor Corp. (SAQ) and government-run stores selling recreational cannabis (SQDC) as of Jan. 18.

Dubé said the measure comes as the province ramps up its efforts to slow down the rapid increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Dubé said the measures were necessary to protect unvaccinated people, who represent at least half of those in hospital with the virus.

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