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Jordan Peterson Attacks Jagmeet Singh Over Gender Pay Gap Tweet

This week, Jordan Peterson attacked NDP leader Jagmeet Singh's post for Equal Pay Day.

Singh wrote on Twitter that "in Canada, women must work 15.5 months to earn what men make in 12 months. Economic injustices disproportionately impact women who are Indigenous, racialized, living with disabilities, and LGBTQI2S+."

"On Equal Pay Day, we must continue to demand economic justice for all women," Singh added.

Peterson responded to Singh's tweet with one of his own, saying: "You just can't help it, can you @theJagmeetSingh. Everything is oppression and victimization with you, always. Men work longer hours, outside, in more dangerous jobs, in STEM fields, with more travel, etc. but for you it's unidimensional: discrimination and domination."

This is not the first time Peterson has spoken against the alleged pay gap. In an interview British GQ journalist Helen Lewis, Peterson had the following to say:

"Yeah, but that's not my sense of the patriarchy. In what sense is our society male dominated?

"It's a very tiny proportion of men and a huge proportion of people who are seriously disaffected by men, most people in prison are men, most people who are on the street are men, most victims of violent crime are men, most people who commit suicide are men, most people who die in wars are men, people who do worse in school are men, it's like, where's the dominance here precisely."

"What you're doing is taking a tiny substrata of hyper-successful men and using that the represent the entire structure of the western society. There's nothing about that that's vaguely appropriate. There's an asymmetry in all sorts of places, but that doesn't mean that western culture is a male-dominated patriarchy."

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