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Jordan Peterson Attacks CBC as "Ideologically Warped"

Canadian author and psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson attacked the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over its coverage of the Freedom Convoy .

Peterson made the remarks on his podcast with guest Dr. Julie Ponesse. He stated that CBC's “appallingly corrupt” practices should bar it from further federal funding.

“There’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for another single dollar of Canadian taxpayer money to go to support that appallingly corrupt, ideologically warped, politically correct, collusionary media source with the federal government. It’s inexcusable, and the rest of the media – well, it’s part of their pronounced death spiral,” said Peterson.

Peterson added that while some media outlets had produced “some decent reporting” on the convoy, “by and large it’s almost impossible to see what’s actually going on in Ottawa.”

“You can’t even get an estimate of the number of people there, and I’ve also heard – let’s say – that the closed-circuit cameras that normally monitor the city, which I believe you could get access to by public feed, many of them have been shut off,” said Peterson.

Criticism of the CBC is not new. According to a letter released by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, pressure has forced them to update the CBC’s “mandate to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of Canadian audiences, with unique programming that distinguishes it from private broadcasters.” In addition, he will make the CBC “less reliant on private advertising, with a goal of eliminating advertising during news and other public affairs shows.”

Last year, the federal election also saw the Conservatives also campaign on changing the mandate for CBC to ensure “it no longer competes with private Canadian broadcasters and digital providers.” The Conservative platform suggested assessing “the viability of refocusing the service on a public interest model like that of PBS in the United States.”

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