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Jagmeet Singh vows to avoid triggering election

Although not wholly satisfied with the budget, Singh has indicated that the NDP will support it to avoid triggering an election.

"With respect to how we're voting, I've been firm on this point: Canadians have said as well, having an election now would be unfair and unsafe, and I agree. The Liberals have said this is a confidence vote. I will not be in any way for an election, but will be voting against having an election [...] it would be irresponsible to trigger an election when we're in the midst of a third wave."

Whereas the Bloc Quebecois is demanding a sub-amendment giving more support given to provinces for health-care transfers, the NDP, although they will support the budget, is upset that it leaves off many items Singh has promised, such as pharmacare and a universal basic income.

“The Liberals chose not to ask the ultra-rich to pay their fair share, they didn’t put in the tax on extreme wealth, there’s a lot of things they didn’t do,” Singh said.

The Green Party also believes the budget, the most costly in history, doesn't go far enough.

"The budget promises $17.6 billion in green investments and policies, but it’s only “a start,” Annamie Paul said, adding that Canada's green plan needs to be “more ambitious than what we saw in the budget.”

“We always welcome investments in green technology, green infrastructure,” she said. “What we’re looking for is a green recovery. We need to increase our commitment for reducing greenhouse gases.”

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