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Jagmeet Singh Faces Protestors in Brampton, Flees in SUV

Jagmeet Singh sped away when confronted by angry Canadians outside Brampton West NDP candidate Navjit Kaur’s office on Saturday afternoon.

Videos emerged Saturday that show a group of people of Sikh heritage yelling at Singh as he gets into a dark coloured SUV.

“We got questions,” someone yells. “Don’t sell out,” another said.

Singh conversely says he "had a fantastic day on the doorsteps and celebrating with volunteers at Navjit’s campaign office." Jagmeet also filled requests for selfies and encountered "lots of love,” said his press secretary Nina Amrov.

Singh has faced protestors in the past. Peterborough police investigated a protest that took place earlier this month when people outside a campaign office for provincial Peterborough-Kawartha NDP candidate Jen Deck confronted him.

The video appears to show protestors following, filming, swearing and shouting at Singh as he gets into his vehicle.

Brampton West NDP candidate Kaur said Singh brings “an amazing energy” to the campaign.

“What I want voters to know (is) that we will continue with our strong and positive campaign and (we) thank them for their support,” said Kaur.

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