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Jagmeet Singh calls for Tuition-Free education in Canada & who will pay?

In addition to cancelling federal student loan debt, Jagmeet Singh is now calling for free tuition in Canada

A new NDP campaign is urging the Liberal government to do the following:

• To reinstate the moratorium on student loan payments until the pandemic is over. • To permanently remove interest on all federal student loans. • To give new graduates a five-year head start without having to repay any federal student loans. • To cancel up to $20,000 of federal student loan debt per student for old and new graduates. • To commit to working towards a future where tuition is free.

The NDP leader also tweeted the following: “Young people want to get ahead, but under Liberals and Conservatives they have been forced to make student loan payments the size of mortgage payments - it's wrong.”

The NDP also seeks to give new graduates five years without student loan repayments.

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