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Inuit TV, Focused on Inuit Culture and Language, Launches Today

Inuit Canadians in the territories will now have another cable channel focused on their culture and language.

Inuit TV has launched on Shaw Channel 268. It will also air on Arctic Co-op's cable in the communities and be available on a computer, phone or tablet via the app. It is the brainchild of Lucy Qavavauq, Inuit TV's co-CEO and a former broadcaster with CBC North.

"It's a collection of our stories, our lives, and we're telling our stories for Inuit, for us," she said. "What we're also craving for is to be able to see the rest of our fellow circumpolar world."

The launch makes Inuit TV the second Inuit-focused channel to be launched in recent years, following Uvagut TV in 2021.

Qavavauq says the channel's programming will be by and about Inuit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"We are going to do a few hours of programming with just kind of an idea of what Inuit TV will look like. So there's different beautiful, beautiful images and videos," she said.

"And then after the launch, we're going to have to set a more scheduled time that is consistent throughout the territories."

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