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Indigenous Content Creators on the Rise

Indigenous content creators have been on the rise as of late. This meteoric rise in popularity can be seen among figures like Brett Mooswa and Sean Morriseau.

The former, a member of the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, has an account on TikTok which regularly pokes fun at First Nations stereotypes. It has amassed nearly 800k followers as of December 2021.

“I thought that that TikTok was for dancing at first. Once I uploaded my first TikTok I didn’t expect that it would blow up the way it did,” said Mooswa. His videos often amass millions of views and likes apiece.

In an interview with CBC earlier this year, he spoke about what inspired him to join the online platform.

“In my community there has been suicides because of [COVID] isolation and that has been very saddening to see that happen,” he said. “My mom, people on the reserve, everyone is just really happy with what I have created and is very supportive,” said Mooswa, adding that much of his inspiration comes from other Indigenous content creators.

Having faced a difficult childhood, Mooswa sought to put himself out into the world to overcome his trials. “I have always been in my shell as a teenager because I was afraid and that’s kind of garnered my stutter, so the more that I came out of my shell the more that I have become the man who I am today and the more I have overcome,” he said. “Keep pushing yourself out there. Keep just being the person that you are and like always, be yourself.”

Mooswa is set to join The Buffalo Tribune alongside Sean Morriseau, another extremely popular Indigenous TikTok figure, on a new podcast series called “Unclez Corner.”

Hailing from the Fort William First Nation, near Thunder Bay, Morriseau made a name for himself through a comedy video in which he played himself and his uncle. In the video, he convinces his uncle, who is hesitant, that the vaccine is safe and will protect him from COVID-19. He won a prize from the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation competition for his winning submission.

Stay tuned for more information!

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