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IBM Canada to lead buyback program, MP Yurdiga fights back

IBM Canada, one of the 15 companies that was invited to submit proposals for the 1.2 million dollar firearms buyback contract that will confiscate “military-style assault rifles” firearms, was awarded the contract late last month.

The program will occur over two phases. During the former, the contractor (IBM Canada) will consult with government departments and gun experts to create a compensation model for gun owners. Ontario Out of Doors Magazine writes that three options will be considered at this stage:

  • The identification of a proposed compensation structure for each affected firearm.

  • An analysis of benefits and risks associated with each compensation model.

  • Identification of other considerations that may impact the feasibility of each approach and/or model.

During the second phase, which will begin sometime after March 3rd, 2021, decisions made in the first stage will be reviewed and revised to "align with the decision made at the end of phase one."

MP David Yurdiga launches petition

In opposition to this contract, MP David Yurdiga [Fort McMurray—Cold Lake] has launched a petition.

"Bill Blair and the Liberal government want to confiscate your guns. When you sign this petition, my office will send a copy of the letter below to Minister Blair's office to let him know that you oppose the buyback program," reads the petition, which can be found on Yurdiga's website.

The Buffalo Tribune reached out to Yurdiga for comment. "Bill Blair and the Liberals are confiscating the property of law-abiding gun owners. Recently, the government awarded a contract worth $1.2 million to IBM to design and implement a mandatory buyback program of guns they made illegal. Their idea for gun confiscation will eventually cost hundreds of millions of dollars while doing little to stop violent crime. This petition calls upon Minister Blair and the government to reverse the illogical ban on so-called “assault-style” weapons," he responded.

Canada's National Firearms Association has equally lauded the petition. "[The NFA] applauds David Yurdiga's petition to stop the legislated theft of property from Canadian firearms owners. This petition is a good effort to add to the legal fight against the OiC in the NFA sponsored case Parker v. Canada, and our related intervention. It will also help in supporting firearm owners in defeating Liberals and electing pro-gun Conservatives in the next Federal election. We urge all firearm owners to sign and support David Yurdiga's petition, and to join with Canada's National Firearms Association in fighting bad gun laws," stated Sheldon Clare, President of the NFA, in a communique to TBT.

If you're interested in viewing or signing the petition, the link is available here.

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