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How Much did the Trudeau's Receive from WE? Was it $427 000 or $566 000?

Pierre Poilievre took Trudeau to task during a question period surrounding the proceedings of the WE Charity investigation. In a Facebook post titled “True Dough” Pierre shares the following conversation.

Poilievre begins by cheekily stating, “Well for this Prime Minister charity begins at home; his home. In fact when little children across Canada donated their lunch money and pennies and allowances to help poor kids in underdeveloped countries, somehow hundreds and thousands of dollars of that money ended up with the Prime Minister’s family. He paid it back though of course with a half billion dollar grant to the WE Charity. But committee information on how much his family got is now contradictory. In writing the total is $566,000. But in Kielburger testimony it’s $427,000. How much did his family get?”

Although this information as well as the question seem straightforward Trudeau’s response was to re-hash his COVID speech. He began by saying, “Speaker while the conservatives continue to play politics, we will continue to focus on the support that Canadians need. Conservative politicians continue to say that we did too much too fast to support Canadians. We will continue to say, “We have your backs.” And that and that’s what we’ve had throughout this pandemic.” He continues to list all the good his government has done such as supporting families, rapid testing, etc.

He concludes his off-topic reply by stating bluntly, “We’ve continued to support Canadians, we’ve continued to focus on what matters to Canadians, rather than conservatives focusing on what matters to them.”

Poilievre was quick with his witty response. “Have Canadian’s backs? He has his hands in their back pockets, Mr. speaker. Now the question was whether his family got $427,000, as the Kielburgers claim; or $566,000 as the written documents suggest. Either way it’s a lot of dough. Real, serious, true dough.”

“Now Mr. Speaker, the question that we want to find out is what did this money have to do with influencing the Prime Ministers decision to give a half billion dollars to this charity? Will he let his staff, who are involved in setting up this program, testify at the ethics committee so that Canadians can know the truth.”

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