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"Hot Boy Summer" musical takes aim at Jason Kenney

A musical poking fun at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is set to begin at the Grindstone Theatre in Edmonton this November.

Written by Byron Martin & Simon Abbott, the musical starts Donovan Workun as Jason Kenney. Occuring in 1983 at Alberta University, the plot will revolve around newly-elected student union president Jason Kenney and his frat, Upsilon Cappa Pi, who are planning the hottest year-end party ever (rodeo-themed of course).

However, Kenney’s nemesis Rachel will do anything to stop him. Soon Dean Trudeau, his new friend Deena, and even his frat mates are turning against him. Can Kenney save his hot summer party, and his frat at the same time?

"Yup, it's real," posted the Grindstone Theatre Facebook page.

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