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Hnatiuk: Where is the Anti-Racism Secretariat’s National Summit against White-Hate?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Trudeau formed the Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat to help "the Government of Canada fulfill its goal of achieving a fully diverse, inclusive and equitable society." The Deputy Minister of Diversity and Inclusionism, Bardish Chagger, claims “the Secretariat’s work [is] to advance human rights and dismantle systemic racism in Canada, including anti-indigenous, anti-black, and anti-Asian racism as well as Islamophobia and anti-semitism.”

In alliance with the Secretariat, Trudeau is hosting two national summits this week. One on Anti-Semitism on July 21st, and the other on Islamophobia on July 22nd. Links to both national summits are found on the Anti-Racism Secretariat's front web page at the Department of Canadian Heritage site.

Minister Bardish Chagger claims “the strategy is designed to take immediate steps to combat racism and all forms of discrimination.” However, Bardish also claims the Secretariat’s strategy is aimed at “minority groups”, which is contrary to her goal of targeting “all forms of popular discrimination” in Canada.

Therefore it begs the question:

Where is the national summit to address the logical fallacy of White Supremacy which is being propagated against all white Canadians based on Critical Race Theory? Black Supremacy, Native Supremacy, Liberal and Marxist groups spread hate across Canada, and in almost every institution, using Critical Race theory which is being normalized in Canada as a form of hate. The absolutisms are racist, discriminatory, and arguably a form of libel. White Supremacy statements lack intersectionality. CRT teaches that reverse racism cannot exist, which is a cognitive fallacy. Transgenerational racism and cultural racisms can and do exist, and to deny that mutates progress and polarizes groups into no-win debates. Also, people cannot be judged today for the values of others and of society in the past. Where is the Anti-Racist Secretariat debate team to address the lack of critical thinking in Critical Race Theory?

On the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Anti-Racism Secretariat's front page there are only seven (7) “REPORTS” recommended for reading which include only black, indigenous, and Chinese Canadian heritage.

Namely, the reports are as follows:

  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Call to Action, Reclaiming Power and Place;

  • The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women & Girls report,

  • Diversity of the Black Population in Canada; An Overview,

  • Canada's Black Population; Education, Labour and Resilience

  • Results from the 2016 Census; Education and Labour Market Integration of Black Youth in Canada

  • Changes in the Socio-Economic Situation of Canada's Black Population, 2001 to Present

  • Asian Heritage the Numbers.

In the “Additional Resources” section the Minister posted four (4) organization links as follows:

  • Multiculturalism Canada,

  • The International Decade for People of African Descent

  • United Nations Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous People

  • International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

The latter of which, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the liberal government created in 2019 to combat anti-semitism.

I see no research papers on Islamic terrorism, discrimination or soft jihad.

I recommend visiting the website ACT for Canada, founded by author Bridgette Gabriel, and reading a paper published by the Centre for Security Policy called “An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood of America.” This document was entered in the Holy Land Trails of 1991, at the biggest terrorism trials to ever to occur in North America. 108 people were tried and convicted, however many of the organizations still exist. The document lists numerous Muslim mosques and groups which have infiltrated schools, organizations and groups to colonize North America using soft jihad, or covert political warfare activism, which is a form of racist, political and religious Muslim Supremacy. A discussion of the memorandum can also be found on Youtube called “Bridgette Gabrielle Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America.”

This year, the Muslim Association of Canada, as per their website, issued a letter to Minister Bardish Chagger titled “Proposal Submission to the National Summit on Islamophobia” arguing for more criminal and legal enforcement of the M-103 laws. They are calling on Trudeau to enforce M-103 in the Centre of Security Intelligence CSIS, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP, the Canadian Border Services Agency CBSA, and the Canadian Revenue Services Agency.

Given the above security concerns listed from the Centre for Security Policy in the Memorandum, more oversight needs to be addressed in context to Islamophobia and national security.

Many Muslim groups such as the National Council to Canadian Muslims, and the Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality classify criticisms of Islam as a form of White Supremacy, a slogan used in Marxist Critical Race Theory. They are calling upon Justin Trudeau to “dismantle” White Supremacy, which many have associated with libertarian values and nationhood.

Justice Murray Sinclair, the head of the TRC, has also adopted the term White Supremacy, casting notions of absolute racism while he argues against racism. It is very undermining to his cause as a legal historian and diplomat. As it lacks context, to be fair.

The self-proclaimed Marxist group Black Lives Matter, BLM, whom the media gives a lot of attention to, claims all White Supremacy is incurable using CRT theory. Sometimes, they adopt Antifa tactics such as anarchy against white groups, or coloured groups who they believe “act white”. Many victims of which are not associated directly with past events.

Antifa claims that capitalism and liberalism, and libertarianism, all centre and right political ideologies, are racist and based on White Supremacy using CRT and Marxist principles. Antifa promotes violence and anti-white hate vigilantism.

Many indigenous groups such as the Union of British Columbia Chiefs and Assembly of First Nations Alberta have aligned with the cancel culture groups such as Black Lives Matter which promote arson and forms of terrorism against whites as legitimate forms of resistance.

Lastly, many professors, media, and politicians and non-profit organizations normalize this anti-white reverse racism as an acceptable means to an end for political gain.

The intersectionality between racism for political gain is not always defragmented.

CRT is not always labelled but their ideologies have been adopted into most of academia, as my 4 years at University taught me in History, Economics and Native Studies.

Moreover, it is now adopted into mainstream culture, politics and popular leftist thought. The mushrooming of anti-White hate, with all of its dangerous absolutisms, is notable.

The primary founders of Critical Race Theory are:

Di Anglo, Kendi, Derekk Bell, Kimberly Krenshaw and Richard Delagado.

Critical Race theory teaches White Fragility in that “ALL whites are racist”, and if whites disagree that means they are fragile and racist, white tears equal manipulation, black suffering equals white glee, that all disparities in western society are due to racist policy, the remedy to past discrimination is current discrimination, all cultural traits are equal therefore coloured traits or facts cannot be challenged, that systemic racism is permanent and normal, that reverse racism does not exist and that coloured people cannot be racist, white disagreement equals white privilege if coloured people disagree it is due to internalized racism and oppression only, that coloured people who are successful are acting white, and that all white people are complicit in racism without exception.

It is therefore obvious that Critical Race theory lacks context and critical thinking. It casts ALL white people as White Supremacists or complicit in White Supremacy. This is a dangerous ideology, which is more of a social experiment than a real science, similar to eugenics theory.

CTR lacks intersectionality and is not open to debate. It violates the principles of Academic Freedom by oppressing and suppressing research and debate about this topic, and its adverse effects.

CRT taught in universities, colleges, and institutions lacks critical thought and is a causal factor in the growing racist mass-movement against white people. It is therefore the government’s responsibility to develop a coalition to explore the dangerous, racist and fatalistic flaws of Critical Race Theory, as it is being applied.

Lastly, it is important to be able to criticize Islam while having a zero-tolerance rule for terrorism against Muslim people. Questions of morality in the west are based on Human Rights of man based on western values. Whereas many Islam values are often determined not by Human Rights of man from a western or liberal lens but determined based on Koranic law which is being propagated in many Mosques in Canada, with a goal of Islamic Constitutional separatism in the future.

The above questions need to be entered into the debate about Islamophobia, and notions of White Supremacy in Canada, which are often founded on principles of Marxism, anti-capitalism, anti-westernism and Critical Race Theory. Often people with libertarian values or a sense of nationhood are labelled White Supremacists and are discriminated against unjustly.

Where is the Anti-Racism Secretariat’s National Summit to address the growing contagion of reverse racism and Anti-White Hate?

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