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Hindu protesters outside Jagmeet Singh's office accuse him of racism

Protesters stood outside Singh's office holding signs saying "Missing," criticizing the NDP leader for being missing in action and not taking an adequate stance against anti-Hindu violence. "He has all the time in the world to talk about his stolen bike, about white supremacy, about indigenous people, anti-Asian sentiment, but he doesn't have time for Hindus. Does he hate them? His family was caught attacking Hindus. He's our member of Parliament, and we're looking for an answer," said one protestor on video.

This is in reference to an incident that occurred when a pro-India group erected several “giant” billboards praising the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ties between the two countries. An incident then occurred on Feb. 28 when a car rally by supporters of India’s government was met by Sikh counter-protesters in Brampton, leading to physical violence.

Jodhveer Dhaliwal, 30, was caught on video shoving a man and was then charged with assault to cause bodily harm. He is married to the sister of New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh’s wife, and is also related to Liberal MP Ruby Sahota, who represents the Brampton North riding in Ontario.

Hindu-Sikh tension is nothing new. On social media, Sikh-Canadians frequently accuse pro-Indian demonstrators as being part of the Hindu-nationalist organization RSS, whereas Hindu Canadians often casting the Sikh protesters as terrorists and supporters of the Khalistan independence movement.

In response to the incident, Singh's office responded: "Everyone, everywhere should have the right to protest peacefully. No one should be confronted by violence for expressing their point of view.”

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