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Health management’s eye-popping pay a prime place for savings

CALGARY, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is releasing data that shows more than 900 Alberta Health Service management bureaucrats are on the government’s 2019 sunshine list because they make more than $132,924.

“Taxpayers can’t afford the Alberta bureaucrat premium,” said Franco Terrazzano, the CTF’s Alberta Director. “With more than 900 AHS management bureaucrats on the sunshine list, Health Minister Tyler Shandro is right to look for savings at the top of the pyramid.”

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced that he is directing AHS’ board to review management compensation as part of his plan to find $600 million in annual savings.

The CTF identified more than 900 AHS management employees, including the president, 11 vice presidents, 571 directors, 204 managers, along with other leadership-type positions on the government’s sunshine list, which discloses annual compensation above $132,924.

The average annual compensation of these AHS management bureaucrats is more than $193,000. Taxpayers would save about $36 million every year if each of the health management bureaucrats on the list took a 20 per cent pay cut.

At $677,785 in total compensation, President and CEO Verna Yiu topped the AHS sunshine list. For comparison, Saskatchewan Health Authority’s CEO Scott Livingstone receives $406,328 in annual compensation.

The average annual compensation for an AHS vice president is $457,356, compared to $288,085 for vice presidents in Saskatchewan’s health authority.

“It’s can’t just be struggling taxpayers doing all the heavy lifting,” said Terrazzano. “Albertans outside of government have been suffering through pay cuts and job losses over the last five years. Now, taxpayers need Alberta bureaucrats to help share the economic burden and take a cut.”

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