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Hasek Attacks Ovechkin, Calls Him “Chicken Sh*t” over Ukraine

NHL goaltender Dominik Hasek called Alex Ovechkin a “chicken shit” and a “liar” over Ovechkin’s comments on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“What!? Not only an alibist, a chicken sh-t, but also a liar! Every adult in Europe knows well, that Putin is a mad killer and that Russia is waging an offensive war against the free country and its people,” tweeted Hasek.

“Please, no more war. It doesn’t matter who is in the war — Russia, Ukraine, different countries — I think we live in a world, like, we have to live in peace and a great world,” Ovechkin told media Friday.

“Obviously it’s a hard situation. I have lots of friends in Russia and Ukraine and it’s hard to see the war. I hope soon it’s going to be over and there’s going to be peace in the whole world.

“Some things I can’t control. It’s not in my hands. I hope it’s going to end soon and it’s going to be peace in both countries. I don’t control this.”

Ovechkin has been a vocal supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past. His official Instagram account, with 1.6 million followers, features an avatar of he and Putin together.

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