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Gun Violence in Toronto Reaches All-Time High - Despite Gun Control

Gun violence in Toronto has skyrocketed since the start of this year, proving once again the uselessness of existing firearms restrictions.

As of Feb. 27, shootings were up 47.7% compared to this time last year, the number of people injured is up 70.6%, the number of people fatally shot is up by 33.3% and the total number of people injured and killed by gunfire is up 57.7%.

If current gun violence was to continue for the rest of the year, Toronto could surpass the highest number of shootings recorded since comparable records began in 2004 (492 in 2019), the highest number of gun murders since 2005 (51 in 2018) and the highest number of people injured in shootings since 2004 (240 in 2019).

Toronto Police say the ages of shooters and victims in gun crime are getting younger and shootings are becoming more violent.

Two of the accused in gun murders so far this year were 13 years of age, almost a third of the fatal shootings have involved victims or accused under 20 years of age and the average age of those involved in gun violence has dropped from 25 to 20 in the last five years.

“There are a lot of youths out there who are getting guns … that’s unacceptable,” Insp. Hank Idsinga, head of Toronto’s homicide, unit told the Toronto Sun‘s Brad Hunter last month.

“The ages of the shooters we’re seeing is going down.”

Shootings are also becoming more violent and thus more dangerous, including for innocent bystanders.

We approached the NFA for comment. Executive member Jordan Vanderhoff responded with this remark: "The crime rate in Toronto is going up because of the weakened law system under this Liberal government. They are reducing mandatory mins, "the rotating justice door," while targeting law abiding citizens. They need to start focusing on the criminals and gangs instead. They are not concerned about legal firearms; they are just using us to buy political points. They have installed fear in Canadians for a problem that did not exist. Then, they pretend to fix the problem by spending billions of taxpayers money, and at the end of the day, these shootings in major cities such as Toronto go on. May 1st 2020: they banned1500 firearms, and what effect did it have on public safety or gang shootings in Toronto? The answer is zero. The AR-15 has been in Canada for 40 or more years; and one was used in the nova scotia shooting but it was not purchased or acquired in Canada. This government is wrongfully tough on law-abiding citizen, while soft on criminals."

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