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Goodridge receives flak for pursuing MP position right after pregnancy

Controversial candidate Laila Goodridge took to Facebook today to post the following comment:

"Some people have asked me if I think it will be hard to be a new mom and a new MP. My answer: Yes, I think there are going to be some unique challenges, but ultimately I think it’s important to show it can be done. I believe it will give me a unique perspective that is currently missing, but necessary, in Ottawa. How can we better support new moms and families? What can we do better for working mothers and young families?

"I'm also lucky enough to have a husband who loves me. He is supportive and encourages me. In fact he has taken a parental leave because he understands that’s one of the most concrete things he can do to support women in politics. I'm so passionate about my community, my province and my country and I can't wait to get to work for you."

Commenters were not so keen on the post, however. One woman took to reply matter-of-factly to the would-be candidate for Fort McMurray- Cold Lake:

"My thoughts on this from someone who was a working mom is that you're very naitve and actually doing working moms a disservice with your approach.

Politicians several years ago found hard for working moms to be able to take a year leave to bond with and nurture their child. By your not taking even the first three months off, regardless of what your husband does, does nothing to support this leave for moms. It works against it."

The commenter didn't stop there. "Further, by not attending last night's forum in COld Lake, you're already positioning yourself that you cannot meet the demands of the job by being a working mom, and you're not even elected yet.

You're currently failing at both arguments of being a mom on leave and being a working mom meeting the demands of the job."

Missed meetings aren't the only issue plaguing Goodridge's campaign. Back this spring, amid the expulsion of indigenous people from a homeless camp during record-freezing weather as allegations of systemic racism flew, Goodridge remained non-reactive and allegedly did not provide access to provincial resources for those affected by the removal of the camp. This issue, in addition to her constituency association's backing of Premier Kenney's lockdown, have proven extremely controversial.

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